About Us

About ABB Insurance Broker

ABB Insurance Broker is one of the leading insurance service group that is licensed and regulated by OJK (Indonesian Financial Service Authority). Managed by highly qualified and professional team. We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia to manage all insurance and risk management requirements through exclusive networks of national and international underwriters. We give professional and innovative solution to meet your requirements.

Why Choose ABB Insurance Broker ?

ABB Insurance Broker is a “One Stop Solution” for your insurance needs, offering quality insurance, risk management advice and claims management.

ABB Insurance Broker is unique in that we offer personalized and tailored service to ensure all our client’s needs are met. We understand that businesses are busy with their day-to-day activities and need an insurance broker they can rely on, one that can handle their risks. We value ourselves as an extension of our client’s business and therefore work closely with our customers to deliver the right package on time and on budget.

Our professional team has wealth of experience dealing with large and medium size businesses at both the international and local level. While we offer services across a range of products we are well versed in the mining and resources sector, construction, corporate and industrial, banking & finance and professional services industries.

ABB Guarantees

Agility        :  We will respond your inquiry the same day, we value your time and money

Bearable    :  We give you peace of mind knowing your insurance in safe hands

Best           :  We will research the best package to suit your needs and keep moving until you are satisfied

Our Services

We provide you professional and innovative services on:

  • Insurance Management
  • Claims Management
  • Risk Management

With excellent level of service you can have the real assurance, save your time and money in determining your insurance needs as we may deal with all insurance companies in life and non life. We are committed to be your one-stop solutions.